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I never came up with a real back-up plan for bad weather

“I looked at the weather on my wedding day for the previous 8 years and it had never rained so I planned everything outside with no good back-up plan and wound up getting married in a boring conference room with the rain pouring down outside.”

This one is just plain silly.

Ladies, pleeeezzzeee leave the weather to Al Roker and don’t stake too much on historical weather reports. For one thing, if you live in San Diego [like me] you come to realize that there is absolutely no correlation between what you see on the TV and what you see outside your window. I have literally been watching the news predict a 0% chance of precipitation while it is drizzling outside my window. The point: you should always have a back-up plan if your wedding is at all outdoors.

If we have learned anything from global warming it is that things are not just getting warmer, they are getting more extreme. Sooo…..your beautiful wedding on the beach in Cabo could turn out to be a humid mess with your guests passing out into the ocean in 104 degree heat and 90 percent humidity.

There are a few major possibilities when it comes to the weather: (more…)


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I never gave the photographer a list of must-have pictures!

“I spent a ton of time picking my photographer, but then assumed he would know what to do.”

Rule #1 of the detail oriented bride:  Assume nothing.

You may have a celebrity wedding photographer like Elizabeth Messina [] taking your wedding pictures and so you feel like you want to just sit back and smile, but you should never assume that your wedding photographer knows who you want to have in your photographs.  In some awful circumstances we’ve heard about, the photographer became semi-obsessed with certain guests during the wedding and took a disproportionate number of pictures of those guests.  (As luck would have it, they are usually the people you didn’t care whether they came to the wedding or not in the first place.) (more…)

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