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I wanted a five star wedding on a three star budget

I’d been to a lot of weddings and was constantly annoyed when I saw people skimping on the wedding costs. I’d vowed that when it was my turn, I would make sure that I spared no expense and if it meant that I had to cut down the number of guests to have the wedding I wanted, so be it. Well, that worked better in theory than in reality and when it came time for my wedding I realized that there was no way for me to have the wedding I’d wanted on the budget I had. I ended up choosing the five star location and going way, way over budget which left me stressed and unhappy on my wedding day.

We think that it’s very common to be less forgiving of other people’s wedding choices until you have your own wedding and realize just how hard it is to make the decisions that are going to maximize the amount of money you spend of the amount of goods you receive.

One good way around this is to choose a five star location that is out of season – so you’ll get the fantastic accommodations and great food without the high room prices to go along with it. Look at ski resorts just before and after ski seasons, summertime resorts at the end of their seasons or any other very seasonal locale that you can exploit to your benefit.

For example, ski resorts on the west coast often have high prices in the snow season and in the summertime but are an absolute bargain in the fall and spring. If you get lucky and choose the right weekend, your guests might get in some skiing as well. Pay attention to transportation to and from the resort [better to fly into Salt Lake City for a wedding in Deer Valley than some remote Colorado ski location that costs a fortune to get to]. At the St. Regis in Deer Valley – fall rates start at $150 for the rooms that are typically $750 during the ski season. What better than to have the run of the resort for you and your guests? Similar deals can be found in the off season in the Caribbean, Mexico and many other great locales. There is probably some seasonality to your hometown as well [though you may not realize it] in terms of convention business, tourist business, etc. (more…)


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I Saved Money in the Wrong Places

When I started planning my wedding I basically just went through and asked for everything on my wish list. At some point, it hit me like a ton of bricks how fast all of the bills were piling up. I couldn’t belive how much money I was spending and I went into panic mode cutting things left and right.

We all get there.

You are planning you wedding and you just lose sight of everything you are spending because it is all indifferent places: the photographer, the florist, the hotel, the welcome baskets, etc. When you sit down and add it up, you basically have a heart attack. It’s kind of like getting your credit card at the end of the month, you don’t see one charge for more than $150 but yet your bill is $1,500 and you can’t figure out how you did it. (more…)

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Our hotel charged us a fortune for our room block!

We booked our venue and when we went to negotiate the room block, the prices were absurd. The banquet manager said she couldn’t really help us as the group reservations person was a different person altogether. It wound up that half of our friends had to stay about 1.5 miles from the reception site and we were so upset.

The thing about doing your wedding is that you get only one chance to do things the way that you want them. There is no possibility of learning from your mistakes. That means you have to learn from the way that other people did their weddings and not make the same mistakes. One thing to learn is that every aspect of the contract with your venue should be negotiated before you sign any part of it. That means, the actual wedding, the room block, any rehearsal dinner you may have in one of the hotel restaurants and any other amenities [airport transfers, etc] that you want for your wedding party. (more…)

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My friend offered to have the wedding at her house….

My friend [and maid of honor] offered to have our wedding at her house and though she seemed really excited about the idea at first, at some point she began treating us like it was a very big bother to do it – even though it wasn’t costing her a penny!”

There are few things more important in determining how much you will enjoy your wedding as the location. While at first blush the offer of a friend to host your wedding may seem like a dream come true, this is one you should think very carefully about before accepting. Remember – even you are the “In the Details Bride” not your friend and there are some very important things even she may not realize. (more…)

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