We didn’t take enough time to plan our honeymoon

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I don’t know exactly how it happened, but somewhere along the way we became so consumed with our wedding planning that we forgot to plan our honeymoon. At the last minute, we booked to go to Tahiti thinking ‘it is February in the US so summer in Tahiti so that will be good.’ When we arrived at the hotel, it was half empty, half closed and hotter than you can possibly imagine. Thankfully, we were headed off to New Zealand and that saved the trip or it would have been a total bust!

To me, this is totally understandable. The wedding details become so all consuming that planning the honeymoon actually becomes somewhat of an afterthought. You figure that you will pick a great hotel and then everything will take care of itself from there. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to plan the honeymoon, make sure you at least cover these few important points before you go.

1. Check not only the average daily temp for the time of year you are going, but also the average daily rainfall.

No good going to a place where it is listed to be an average of 85 degrees [you are thinking “great!”] and then you realize that it is 85 degrees, 100% humidity and rains every afternoon for 3 or so hours. [Which you actually may not mind, but if you do you will be really bummed.]

2. Ask the hotel if there are any ongoing renovations planned for the time you are going.

The fact is, hotels have to renovate. The problem is, you don’t want to be on your honeymoon when they are renovating as hotel renovations can often start around 9am and not finish for several hours after that. Nothing like ruining your relaxing time than hearing a jack hammer in the background the entire time.

3. Check if there is a renovated or unrenovated side to the hotel.

There are some glaring examples of this, especially in Europe. Hotels can have a main section that are hundreds of years old and then have a newer renovated section [think air-conditioning] that is much newer. Usually if you are on your honeymoon, they will make an effort to accommodate you.

4. Ask the hotel the distance from the airport and the price of airport transfers.

Common mistake. You don’t realize the hotel is a 1.5 hour drive from the nearest major airport and that it is going to cost you $100 each way to get to the hotel. This can blow your budget or at the very least have you spending money on something you would rather not pay a ton for [you just had a wedding after all!]

5. Never book anything that is non-refundable.

A lot of hotels these days offer prepaid, internet rates that are totally non-refundable. This is a bad idea. This is not a bad idea because you are going to cancel your wedding, but you would be surprised at the way things can change – esp if you are booking your honeymoon far in advance. You might not feel like getting on a 10 hour plane ride after your wedding, or might want to stay an extra night with your out-of-town visiting guests or may just find a better deal elsewhere. For all of these reasons, we beg you not to book anything non-refundable as these usually turn out not to be a great deal overall.

Last tip: If you are getting married in a hotel that is part of a large chain, be sure to ask your reservations manager if they can help you with rates or upgrades at their sister hotel [before you book your wedding – see yesterday’s post]. You’d be surprised what they can come up with……


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