Our hotel charged us a fortune for our room block!

August 31, 2010 at 3:49 pm 1 comment

We booked our venue and when we went to negotiate the room block, the prices were absurd. The banquet manager said she couldn’t really help us as the group reservations person was a different person altogether. It wound up that half of our friends had to stay about 1.5 miles from the reception site and we were so upset.

The thing about doing your wedding is that you get only one chance to do things the way that you want them. There is no possibility of learning from your mistakes. That means you have to learn from the way that other people did their weddings and not make the same mistakes. One thing to learn is that every aspect of the contract with your venue should be negotiated before you sign any part of it. That means, the actual wedding, the room block, any rehearsal dinner you may have in one of the hotel restaurants and any other amenities [airport transfers, etc] that you want for your wedding party.

It is a common mistake to bend to the demands of the banquet manager who may be pushing you to finalize the details of your actual wedding ceremony before talking to the reservations manager about your room block. That will mean you lose a chance to get the wedding night free for you and the groom [very common] a discount/free rooms for every paid room, the chance to actually choose the rooms that your guests stay in [if say, the hotel has a newer and older wing] and any other bargaining leverage you might have.

Remember, just because someone else is in a hurry, doesn’t mean that you have to be. Take your time and do things slowly and deliberately because [hopefully] there won’t be a “next time” to correct the mistakes you make at this wedding.


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