Rehersal dinner was way toooo fun…..

August 19, 2010 at 3:24 pm Leave a comment

My friends are fun. Perhaps I should have known that putting them all together in a restaurant with an open bar was a recipe for disaster, but I didn’t think it through. Everyone had so much fun but were completely hung over the next day and our wedding seemed like a downer compared to the rehearsal dinner!!

Though we agree it is important to know your audience, this one is tricky. I mean, you want your friends to have a good time but not too good a time? That is a hard balance to strike. If you have an inkling that your crew may be the type to party like rock stars on the night before the concert, we have a few suggestions for you…….


1. Limiting the type of alcohol you serve. If you are just serving wine and beer it is going to cost you a lot less and possibly ensure that there is not crew of over aged frat boys doing tequila shots in the corner. I mean, you can of course get totally tanked on either wine or beer but there is a possibility the limited alcohol might send a subliminal message to your guests.

2. Hold the rehearsal dinner at a place where there are other things to do. Consider a place where you can bowl, play video games, etc. Having another activity available might prevent people from knocking it back.

3. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Have the groom do it, but if you feel like there is a crew that might not even make it to your morning wedding gauging on the way they look the night before, go over and send them to bed!

4. Consider starting earlier in the evening. Especially if your rehearsal is on a Saturday night for a Sunday day wedding, you might want to start the festivities early – say 5pm to ensure that by midnight most people are tucked nicely away in their beds.

5. Sit back and relax. Though you might have to make an effort to get the party started in full on the night of the actual wedding, chances are a great rehearsal dinner is going to lead to a great wedding and your friends have such good chemistry that they are just going to do it again the next night.

Remember, we can’t plan for everything!!


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