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“A few of my friends asked to bring their children to our 5pm wedding and though I wasn’t totally thrilled with the idea, I agreed. At first it was pretty cute, but as the night wore on, the kids turned into nightmares and their parents seemed not to care. It bothered me so much and I felt like it was soooo disrespectful.”

One thing is for sure, you will feel differently about children when you have them, but at this point it is totally understandable that they look like screeching nightmares. If you have quite a few kids coming to the wedding and you know the parents are not the most attentive, you are going to have to make a little extra effort to control the situation.

We suggest hiring a few high school age babysitters [figure you are going to have to pay them $5-$8/hr in most places] to help with the children at the wedding. Your friends will absolutely love you for it as it will give them a chance to actually enjoy the party, and the babysitters can just keep a watchful eye over the kids to ensure that they are not climing on the table that holds the wedding cake, trying to score drinks at the bar, or blowing out all of the candles in your centerpieces.

You may this this is not your responsibility and we agree. That doesn’t change the fact that people will bring their kids and will not look after them. Hopefully those kids keep out of trouble but if they don’t wouldn’t you prefer to have prepared in advance for that possibility?

We think you will really think this is a great idea after the fact.


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