My Groom wanted to do something for himself….

August 11, 2010 at 4:10 pm Leave a comment

People always say that the groom sometimes gets lost in the preparations, and mine did feel lost. He decided he wanted to get his first straight edge shave on the day of the wedding and I totally thought that was a great idea. We found a woman to come to the hotel and it was awful. Something about either the razor or the soap made my husband totally break out in a rash. He looked like a 13 year old with acne in all of our pictures!

There should be no “firsts” on the day of the wedding [except, perhaps, first time getting married or first dance]. First time having your make-up done, first time trying on your wedding dress after alterations, first time wearing your wedding shoes…..all of these things should happen BEFORE the wedding and not the day of. If there is something special your groom wants to do on the day of, we get it, just make sure he has a trial run. Trust us, the potential for something going wrong totally outweighs the satisfaction he will get from whatever it is he is going to do.


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Looking back, I was way too selfish planning our wedding. I forgot how delicate other people’s relationships actually are…

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