I didn’t know more than half of the people at my wedding….

August 11, 2010 at 4:16 pm Leave a comment

“My husband comes from a culture where everyone you have ever met is invited to the wedding. I come from a small family who lived thousands of miles away from where we were getting married in his hometown. I had 575 people at the wedding and I think I only knew about 75 of them. It was kind of awful and looking back I wouldn’t have agreed to it.”

It is a wedding. Not a political fundraiser.

Unless you want to spend the whole night doing a rope-line meet and greet that is reminiscent of a political rally where you are just kissing babies and waving, you really should stop to consider how many of the people at your wedding are going to be total strangers and how that is going to bother you. This bride says that to this day she will meet people who tell her that they were at her wedding, and she has never met them before in her life.

So how do you decide?

I read an article once on cnn.com which had a genius idea. The bride-to-be had come up with a list of questions that she would ask potential guests when deciding whether or not they should come to their wedding. There were about 10 questions, and something like a 60% correct rate garnered you an invitation. The questions were pretty basic and were ranged from “what is my fiancée’s name” to “what is the name of my previous employer” but for the most part they were pretty basic.

Oh, while you are at it – double check that the groom knows the answers as well.


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