Doesn’t EVERYONE get skinny before their wedding?

August 3, 2010 at 7:55 pm Leave a comment

I ordered my wedding dress about 6 months in advance and though it was a little tight I knew my big wedding diet would pay off so I didn’t go up to the bigger size. The stress of the wedding had me GAINING weight and my dress totally didn’t fit right when it came in!!

Ok, we’ve all been there. You look at the calendar, do some mental math about how much weight you have to lose and figure it will be a no-brainer. You will totally be able to turn down all of the things that have tempted you in the past because this is your Wedding! And you will have only one of those and you want to look your absolute best.

Every diet starts with the best intentions but not every one succeeds. Unless your dieting track record is close to 100% [or you are one of those people who can starve yourself skinny in 10 days or less] do not get too ambitious when you order your wedding dress. The dress is ordered very far in advance oftentimes, way before the stress of the wedding has set in. If you eat to calm your nerves, you may actually gain weight before the big day. Trust us, you will have a much easier time taking the dress in rather than letting it out.

We suggest the following: figure out how much time you need to order your dress and start your wedding diet immediately. If you have not lost at least a few pounds before going to buy the dress, assume that the rest of the diet is going to go the same way – rocky. Do NOT put added pressure on yourself to lose the weight by ordering a dress that does not fit.

Figure if your biggest problem is that your dress is swimming on you that is a much better problem to have than that it has to be let out and just does not fit right when it does.

PS – don’t get depressed by the number on the inside of your dress. Everyone knows that wedding dress makers have no adopted vanity sizing and so even if you are a size 8, you may be a 12 in your dress. Do NOT read anything into this – you haven’t changed sizes, only the number on the dress has.


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