My friend offered to have the wedding at her house….

August 2, 2010 at 4:33 pm Leave a comment

My friend [and maid of honor] offered to have our wedding at her house and though she seemed really excited about the idea at first, at some point she began treating us like it was a very big bother to do it – even though it wasn’t costing her a penny!”

There are few things more important in determining how much you will enjoy your wedding as the location. While at first blush the offer of a friend to host your wedding may seem like a dream come true, this is one you should think very carefully about before accepting. Remember – even you are the “In the Details Bride” not your friend and there are some very important things even she may not realize.

1. Impact on the neighbors: When you live in a house and feel like you finally have your “own space”, you quickly realize that space is bordered usually on both sides by your neighbors. Although as a bride you may be critical of their need for quiet [think small sleeping children], we can assure you that once you have your own children you too will dread the loud party next door. Your neighbor needs to check how long and how loud the party can go before offering anything.

2. Parking: This is a big bummer for many at-home weddings. If there is no parking [even if there is a valet] you can be assured people are going to be waiting for a long time for their cars. Nothing to put the kabash on a great time like a 40 minute wait for your ride at the end of the night when your feet hurt. Check out the parking situation in advance.

3. Size of the kitchen: Most caterers will work with what you have but check this one out in advance. If the caterer isn’t well equipped and has to bring in a lot of their own equipment, the money you saved on a location rental will be just passed along to the caterer.

4. We have other posts on this topic – but in someone’s house you have to make SURE you have a fall-back for bad weather.

The list could go on and on [really it could] but in our humble opinion, unless you have a sentimental attachment to the house where your friend lives [or it is a family home] search for an affordable location. You can use to send out a bunch of proposal requests to get an idea for location costs in your area. Many places will waive the room rental in this economy as long as the food and beverage minimums are met.


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