We were out of sync with the band on the first dance!

July 27, 2010 at 5:41 pm Leave a comment

“I hired and loved my wedding band. I had heard them at a friend’s wedding and they literally sounded like the gypsy kings. Plus, after comparing the quotes of several bands, I realized they were quite reasonable. Only one problem: I had never heard them sing in English.”

Well kudos to this bride for doing something different with the wedding band and spicing things up a little. As she explained to us, however, the band sounded wonderful when they were singing in Spanish but when they tried to sing her English wedding song it was just awful! It never occurred to her to ask them to sing it in advance or do anything to prepare. Kind of reminded me of those episodes of American Idol where the singers were just so good in the audition and only once they got to Hollywood did Simon and the crew realize anything was wrong.

For this bride, we would advise two things. You can absolutely ask the band to just rattle of your song quickly for you over the phone to confirm you are both talking about the same song and using the same arrangement [plus singing it in the same language]. If that seems like too much of a hassle or for some reason the band can’t comply, consider bringing a pre-recorded version of the song to the band and asking that they use that. If it is the one you have been practising to, chances are there is little room for error. Otherwise, wing it, hope for the best and know that not one person at the wedding is going to notice the things you do.


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