My Invitations were a disaster!

July 26, 2010 at 10:46 pm Leave a comment

Ahhhh….the invitation. Once you get through the sticky issues of who actually gets their name listed on the invitation [we have an entry on that debacle coming shortly] you have to go through the task of picking out the invitation. Many people would say that the invitation sets the tone for the wedding: how formal it is going to be, if there is going to be a theme, even just what to wear. It is a very important part of the wedding planning process and needs to be given careful consideration.

This bride was getting married in India to a very fancy Indian born gentleman. I happened to be one of the people invited to the wedding. My mother told me about the invitation over the phone and I asked that she open it for me. When she did she told me it was totally illegible.

Turns out, after 2 weeks in the mail in the middle of the summer the beautiful gold leafing that was in the invitation had all melted leaving the invitation illegible and the gold spilling out all over your hands and the floor when it was opened.

Here are some of our favorite invitations…..

The message here [and this should be applied to every part of your wedding] is think carefully about the invite before you choose it. Try to anticipate anything and everything that could go wrong with the invitation. Make SURE you take it to be weighed at the post office so you don’t find out too late that you put the wrong postage on the envelope. Think about how the beautiful bow is going to look after it is smushed in an envelope for a week. Question the paper weight so you know the invite is not going to be too flimsy and avoid this poor brides disaster.


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