I never came up with a real back-up plan for bad weather

July 22, 2010 at 3:37 am Leave a comment

“I looked at the weather on my wedding day for the previous 8 years and it had never rained so I planned everything outside with no good back-up plan and wound up getting married in a boring conference room with the rain pouring down outside.”

This one is just plain silly.

Ladies, pleeeezzzeee leave the weather to Al Roker and don’t stake too much on historical weather reports. For one thing, if you live in San Diego [like me] you come to realize that there is absolutely no correlation between what you see on the TV and what you see outside your window. I have literally been watching the news predict a 0% chance of precipitation while it is drizzling outside my window. The point: you should always have a back-up plan if your wedding is at all outdoors.

If we have learned anything from global warming it is that things are not just getting warmer, they are getting more extreme. Sooo…..your beautiful wedding on the beach in Cabo could turn out to be a humid mess with your guests passing out into the ocean in 104 degree heat and 90 percent humidity.

There are a few major possibilities when it comes to the weather:

Too Hot
Too Cold
Too Windy

I’m leaving out snowing, hurricane and other extreme weather patterns because I am thinking that the people who are planning outdoor weddings during hurricane season are not reading this blog but are continuing to live their life in some sort of oblivious mess.

While your first impression may be that the big problem is weather that is too cold, we would tend to disagree. Heat is the big enemy. There is nothing sadder than wedding guests wondering if they actually smell. Nothing worse than seeing your wedding pictures where everyone’s make-up is running from the heat and their arms are a sweaty mess. You have to plan for too hot with shade, water and occasionally more extreme measures including cool towels at each place setting, fans in any outdoor seating areas [be careful here!]. Too cold is obvious. Make sure that your venue has access to some additional heaters or perhaps indulge in purchasing some extra blankets or pashminas for your guests. Finally, ask the venue to be ready to set up a coffee/tea/hot chocolate bar somewhere accessible to your guests so they can warm up their insides even as they freeze on the outside.

Have any other ideas for dealing with weather disasters? Let us know…..


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