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We lost all our wedding-envelopes full of money!!

“In the middle of my wedding people were handing me envelopes full of cash and checks and I don’t remember what I did with them and they are LOST! I don’t really remember who they were from so I can’t even ask for checks to be replaced.”

I am really not sure why people come to weddings with checks. Maybe they are hoping they will be lost and never cashed. In all seriousness, designate someone in advance of the wedding to handle all of the checks. Make sure the groom knows the plan so if you are both passing them off, they are going to the same person and will be really easy to collect at the end of the evening.


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We were out of sync with the band on the first dance!

“I hired and loved my wedding band. I had heard them at a friend’s wedding and they literally sounded like the gypsy kings. Plus, after comparing the quotes of several bands, I realized they were quite reasonable. Only one problem: I had never heard them sing in English.”

Well kudos to this bride for doing something different with the wedding band and spicing things up a little. As she explained to us, however, the band sounded wonderful when they were singing in Spanish but when they tried to sing her English wedding song it was just awful! It never occurred to her to ask them to sing it in advance or do anything to prepare. Kind of reminded me of those episodes of American Idol where the singers were just so good in the audition and only once they got to Hollywood did Simon and the crew realize anything was wrong. (more…)

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My Invitations were a disaster!

Ahhhh….the invitation. Once you get through the sticky issues of who actually gets their name listed on the invitation [we have an entry on that debacle coming shortly] you have to go through the task of picking out the invitation. Many people would say that the invitation sets the tone for the wedding: how formal it is going to be, if there is going to be a theme, even just what to wear. It is a very important part of the wedding planning process and needs to be given careful consideration.

This bride was getting married in India to a very fancy Indian born gentleman. I happened to be one of the people invited to the wedding. My mother told me about the invitation over the phone and I asked that she open it for me. When she did she told me it was totally illegible.

Turns out, after 2 weeks in the mail in the middle of the summer the beautiful gold leafing that was in the invitation had all melted leaving the invitation illegible and the gold spilling out all over your hands and the floor when it was opened.

Here are some of our favorite invitations…..


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I didn’t do a hair and make-up dress rehersal

“My biggest wedding regret is that I didn’t pay the extra money to have hair and make-up fully done before the wedding. I hated the way it looked on my wedding day and in the pictures.”

You’re spending a small fortune on your wedding and the place you are going to save is by not spending a little extra money to have your hair and make-up done before the event?

That is not smart. At all.

Regardless of who is doing your make-up or how good they are at their craft, this is not the place that you want to take a chance. Try negotiating a full hair and make-up trial before you sign on with a given make-up artist – that is the only point where you have any leverage whatsoever. Also, and I hate to sound like your mother here, but this is one place that you should think hard before making decisions that you are going to have to see for the rest of your life.

For example: Tiaras are cute on 4-year olds and beautiful on Royalty. That’s it. You may have been told that you are a princess on your wedding day but, and I am sorry that I am the one who has to break it to you, you are not. You are just a very well made-up [hopefully], starved-skinny, coiffed version of your normal self. And when the pixie dust has been wiped from the dance floor, you don’t want to look back at your pictures and think that you look like as one bride so beautifully put it “Millenium Barbie”. Ok, that might be a little harsh, we actually have a few tiara hairdos that we love.


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I never came up with a real back-up plan for bad weather

“I looked at the weather on my wedding day for the previous 8 years and it had never rained so I planned everything outside with no good back-up plan and wound up getting married in a boring conference room with the rain pouring down outside.”

This one is just plain silly.

Ladies, pleeeezzzeee leave the weather to Al Roker and don’t stake too much on historical weather reports. For one thing, if you live in San Diego [like me] you come to realize that there is absolutely no correlation between what you see on the TV and what you see outside your window. I have literally been watching the news predict a 0% chance of precipitation while it is drizzling outside my window. The point: you should always have a back-up plan if your wedding is at all outdoors.

If we have learned anything from global warming it is that things are not just getting warmer, they are getting more extreme. Sooo…..your beautiful wedding on the beach in Cabo could turn out to be a humid mess with your guests passing out into the ocean in 104 degree heat and 90 percent humidity.

There are a few major possibilities when it comes to the weather: (more…)

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