I never gave the photographer a list of must-have pictures!

June 30, 2010 at 4:49 pm Leave a comment

“I spent a ton of time picking my photographer, but then assumed he would know what to do.”

Rule #1 of the detail oriented bride:  Assume nothing.

You may have a celebrity wedding photographer like Elizabeth Messina [www.elizabethmessina.com] taking your wedding pictures and so you feel like you want to just sit back and smile, but you should never assume that your wedding photographer knows who you want to have in your photographs.  In some awful circumstances we’ve heard about, the photographer became semi-obsessed with certain guests during the wedding and took a disproportionate number of pictures of those guests.  (As luck would have it, they are usually the people you didn’t care whether they came to the wedding or not in the first place.)

One important consideration is the family photos.  If your family is a leave-it-to-Beaver harmonious bunch then you probably don’t have to worry about who is in the pictures because everyone is equally loved and beloved.  However, if you are like the rest of us there may be girlfriends, second [or third] wives, distant cousins who you can’t stand but had to invite because you were forced to, and many other non-desirables around for the family pics.

At this point we encourage you to borrow a phrase from one of our favorite brides EVER [who, incidentally renews her vows each year] Mrs. Heidi Klum and let people know, “You are out.”

Auf Wiedersehen.

That’s right.  You don’t think that your brother’s girlfriend is going to make it to the next season of Entourage [which we are soooo excited about, by the way] tell the photographer to try and leave her out of the pictures.  You think that the third wife is going to fade into oblivion, mention that as well.  Finally, let your photographer know if there are people in your family who you don’t anticipate seeing in the next decade – chances are you are not going to want their ugly mugs popping up in all of your pictures.

Our friends at Shutterfly have compiled a checklist for you to use to ensure that you get the pictures that you want before it’s too late.  It can be found at


Don’t forget to mention to the photographer if there are any specific details you want to capture – if you have spent all night wrapping your favors into beautiful little boxes that would make Martha Stewart envious and there is not one picture of your handiwork, you are likely to be a little bummed. 

Have anything to add?  Feel free….the more horror stories shared, the less likely they are to be repeated.


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